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If I was presenting the election programme I'd insist on being allowed to do so in loungewear

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It’s a lifestyle choice; a statement that we are practical and busy, but beautiful and extravagant at the same time. Indeed, loungewear aligns with consumers’ increasing preference for wellbeing-enhancing experiences. “Cashmere tracksuits and sweatshirts are part of this — they are luxury products that make life easier,” says Andrea Karg, creative director of Munich-based Allude Cashmere, for whom loungewear now drives 40 percent of womenswear sales. The rise in luxury loungewear is also a response to the varied lifestyle of ชุดนอน elle the modern consumer, who expects clothing to be comfortable and ร้าน จำหน่าย ชุด นอน versatile enough to accommodate her hectic schedule, without compromising on style. “It’s a lifestyle choice; a statement that we are practical and busy, but beautiful and extravagant at the same time,” says British knitwear designer Madeleine Thompson, whose stockists include Net-a-Porter and Selfridges. Since launching loungewear in 2014, the category now makes up 30 percent of the brand’s total revenue, with sales predicted to increase 160 percent from Autumn/Winter 2016 to Autumn/Winter 2017. “These brands have developed ranges that are for the modern woman’s life, whether she’s at home, running off to the gym, travelling, on a plane, working — these kind of brands and items work across purposes,” agrees Natalie Kingham, buying director of MatchesFashion.com. “Our lives are so busy now, and we’re travelling so much, it’s good to have these really go-to pieces that make you feel great no matter where you are and what you’re doing.” The growth of global travel in particular has benefited the luxury loungewear category, with products like cashmere tracksuits and tailored sweat pants offering consumers a way to be both comfortable and chic on a long-haul flight. “It’s challenging, trying to find something that you can go straight from work, go to the airport, check in, hang out in the lounge, look good and still be comfortable on the plane, spend the night and go straight to a meeting,” says von Halle. The need to still look fashionable no matter what you’re doing has been further exacerbated by social media, which has put consumer’s everyday activities — and outfits — under the spotlight.

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